How Strata Management Can Help Keep Your Property Well Looked After Without Taking Complete Control

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Living in an apartment complex or on a property with multiple residencies can have a lot of rewards. It is cheaper, more centrally located and has access to better common areas and resources to take advantage of. The only problem can be trying to deal with the other tenants and owners in a way that creates an equitable outcome for everyone. That is where strata management can come in and help take some of the burdens off of you all without taking any legal control of your decision making without express consent.

What Strata Management Does

Strata management is a bit of a catch-all term for a company that does everything relating to the upkeep and preservation of your collective homes. Most of the time this is based around cleaning common areas, making sure the elevators all work well, managing help-lines, providing resources such as numbers to plumbers or electricians and so on. This alone often makes strata management attractive enough for most co-operative living spaces to hire them, but they can also do more when required, including administration work. Don't worry, that does not mean that they will take any financial or legal control of your buildings, rather, they are simply in a position to facilitate your strata council better than they currently are.

Administration Help

Trying to organise a strata council meeting can be tricky at the best of times, let alone if you have quite combative members or those who don't know each other. Strata management can help you organise your meetings a little bit more, with very good training and advice packets in addition to clear outlines of goals and access to top-quality technology. All of this together often helps even the most unfriendly of council members recognise their common interests and start working together to help benefit everyone in the strata.

Keeping Your Property Value High

Strata management is all about ensuring that your investment (that is, your property in the strata) remains in good standing and is not losing money over time. Whether that is by ensuring good leadership, maintaining the common areas or helping plan your financial decisions as a unit, they are there to facilitate your needs. After all, their success is tied to your success. If you are a happy, profitable strata unit, then they are more likely to be a long-term client and make more money as well, so it really is a win-win!