Considerations When Building A Custom Patio

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Patios are recreational areas to hold family barbeques and meetings. They are a perfect addition to your home since they are functional and improve the value and appeal of the property. So, what should you consider when building a custom patio? Below are some pointers. 

Check Building Regulations 

Are you allowed to build a patio on the premises? Assess building regulations and strata bylaws to determine whether you can put up a patio. For instance, the strata bylaws could compel you to build the patio at the front or back of your property. They could also force you to use specific patio designs. An easement could prohibit you from building a patio overlooking neighbouring property or above amenities such as water and power lines. 

Patio Design

What patio design do you prefer? Start by determining the size of your patio. Most people prefer large patios. However, the rule is to ensure the patio does not take a significant portion of your property. Check online resources to establish what patio design you prefer. Consider designs that complement your home's architectural style. Nevertheless, you should consider several critical elements of the patio. For instance, what roof will you use? If possible, use a roof that has a similar or complementary colour or design to the one installed on the main property. Alternatively, you could opt for a PVC flat roof.  

You have a wide range of floors to choose from. For instance, you could opt for a standard cement slab, limestone, marble, tiles, or wooden flooring. The general rule is to ensure the floor is easy to clean and durable. You should also decide whether you want an open or closed patio. Open patios allow you to enjoy the landscape. However, they may not protect you from harsh weather and cold. If you opt for an open patio, consider installing a canvas that can be rolled down to protect occupants from the cold or rain. 

Patio Amenities 

What amenities will you install on the patio? Your needs will determine the required amenities. For instance, a hand washing station is essential if guests will eat or drink on the patio. You could also install a cooking station if you intend to prepare food on the patio. Lighting is an essential element of the patio. Ideally, you could incorporate internal and external lights to make the patio visible and allow guests to find their way to the main house if they leave the patio at night. You could also include entertainment facilities such as a screen or music system. 

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