Why Hydroponics Is the Way to Go

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Are you aware that you can grow plants without soil? This is possible thanks to a new grow method known as hydroponics. Instead of soil, hydroponics uses a nutrient-rich liquid solution to feed the plants. So why should you opt for hydroponically grown plants? The benefits are many and far-reaching, but here are a few essential ones you might be happy to learn about.

Grow plants anywhere you want

As earlier mentioned, one of the most notable benefits of hydroponics is the ability to grow plants without soil. This mean you can grow plants just about anywhere, even right inside your home. Gardening is usually viewed as an outdoor activity. Hydroponics dispels this notion by bring your gardening to the interiors of your home. The best part is that you do not have to worry about getting your hands soiled, as hydroponic gardening is less messy. If you live in a high-rise building or apartment block with no soil to cultivate, hydroponics would be a practical option.

Less labour-intensive

As there is no soil to cultivate, the need to perform back-breaking tasks, such as ploughing, mulching, tilling, weeding, etc. is eliminated. 

No weed incursions

People usually spend a lot of time combatting weeds. Aside from being a physically exhausting task, weeding often involves the use of weedicides, which may contaminate the land with toxic chemicals. As there is no soil when you are growing plants hydroponically, there are no weeds to remove. This, in turn, eliminates the need to use weedicides, resulting in cleaner, healthier produce.

Water conservation

Growing plants with soil usually requires a large volume of water. As water is recycled through the system, water consumption is lower with hydroponics. This helps conserve water resources.

Control over what your plants get

With soil-based cultivation, the quality of produce depends on soil quality, which varies by nutrients, pest incursions and weed growth. With hydroponics, plant-specific nutrient formulas are used, leading more consistent results and higher yields.

Year-round cultivation of plants

Where soil is used, it is not always possible to grow plants whenever you want. For example, soil test results may indicate that your soil is unsuitable for your intended use and needs to be treated first. As hydroponically grown plants are not affected by conditions outside, you can grow plants throughout the year.

Therefore, if you are seriously thinking about growing plants in your home, hydroponics is an option you should try.