Hot and Cold: 2 Potential Problems With Your Workplace Ducted Air System

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With summer on the way, air conditioning is vital if you wish to work in a pleasant environment. If you have recently had a ducted air conditioning installed in your workplace, the chances are you have yet to consider the fact that anything could go wrong with the system. 

At first, many of the problems which affect ducted air conditioning systems can seem small. However, if these problems are not addressed during routine maintenance, they can develop into serious issues which can cause the entire air conditioning system to fail. Knowing how to spot problems can help you to avoid this outcome.

If you notice that the air conditioning unit is not cooling the air to the correct temperature, you may be tempted to reset the temperature controls and continue with your work. However, the failure to maintain the proper temperature could be a sign that one of two common problems can affect air conditioning units.

A frozen internal coil

The most likely cause of a frozen internal coil is a blockage which is obstructing the flow of air through the system. You should call in a professional HVAC contractor and ask them to inspect the system for blockages. 

You should also check the condition of the air filter. If an air filter becomes dirty, it may no longer effectively filter the air that enters your air conditioning system. A dirty air filter can cause dust and debris to build up on the surface of the internal coil. If the air filter is dirty, you should replace it.

Finally, you should check the refrigerant levels within the system. Low levels of refrigerant will also cause the internal coil to freeze.

A broken external fan

The external fan is responsible for redirecting heat from the interior of your workplace to the exterior environment. If the fan fails, your workplace will feel a lot warmer than it should.

However, this extra heat doesn't just affect the climate in your place of work; it could also be putting additional strain on the rest of your air conditioning system. If the compressor becomes overheated because the fan is not removing warm air, it could cause a complete breakdown of the entire air conditioning system and lead to costly repairs. 

You should inspect the external fan for signs of damage or blockages. If you can see no immediate problems, you should contact an HVAC contractor who will be able to carry out a full inspection to locate the source of the problem.

If you have any concerns about the operation of your ducted air conditioning system, contact a qualified contractor today.