Know the Difference Between Line Marking Machines

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When you maintain your own large production facility or apartment complex, you'll probably want to invest in line marking stencils, tape, and paint, and the right line marking machines. This can allow you to easily change the flow of traffic inside a warehouse or production facility and also touch up any lines and marks that have faded in the parking lot every year. Line marking machines can make it easy to create lines where needed and they can work with oversized stencils for marking off a parking lot or other area. Note a few differences between line marking machines so you can ensure you choose the right one for your business needs.

Two-wheeled versus four

A line marking machine with four wheels can stay very steady and make it easier to follow large, long line stencils. However, four wheels also make it more difficult to turn around corners or any rounded feature; if you want to mark off aisles in your production facility and work around the corners of walls, two wheels are better. They may also be lighter and easier to manage and may work better with stencils, as they won't have back wheels that drag along the stencils and potentially pull them out of place.

Nozzle or roll

Some line marking machines are meant to be used with rolls of vinyl tape; while this is good for temporary marking, this tape can easily come up from any surface if it's exposed to traffic. Even light pedestrian traffic can mean pulling on the tape and having it peel up or chip away. A line marking machine with a nozzle that you use with a stencil and paint will mean a more permanent and a more crisp, clean mark. Note the size of the nozzle so you ensure you choose one that works with your paint in particular; exterior paints are often thicker and won't go through the nozzle of a lightweight machine meant for indoor use.

Hand gun attachment

A hand gun attachment on a line marking machine is good for when you're creating more than just lines; for example, in a parking lot, you may want to freshen up the lines between spaces but then also the signs for handicapped parking. With a hand gun attachment you can run the line marker over the stencils for the lines themselves and then quickly use the hand gun to fill in the stencils for handicapped spaces, arrows, lettering, and the like, making the work much faster and easier overall.

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