3 Fun Ways to Use Artificial Turf

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Artificial turf is an excellent way to have grass that is easy to maintain and doesn't give you bald spots. However, aside from using it as a replacement for your lawn, there are also other ways to use it inside and outside your home. Here are three ways to consider using artificial turf.

Create a Golfing Green 

If you like to golf, you will love using artificial turf as a green. The turf itself is the perfect texture for golfing since it is low to the ground, yet soft for the feet. It can be used to create a golfing green indoors or outdoors. You can lay down turf in a special area of your backyard where you can set up holes in various locations. Inside your home, you can either have a room dedicated to golfing or put a patch of turf in your basement or garage to have some private golfing practice. It is also a fun game to play when you have guests over. Since the turf doesn't need to be watered or mowed, it remains the same texture and height at all times.

Use it Indoors as Natural Décor

Another way to use artificial turf is by bringing it indoors and replacing floor tiles or carpeting with the turf. While it is often used outdoors, there is no reason you can't have it in your home. There are more colours than just green, so you don't have to have floors that look like grass. It works great in sun rooms where you want some privacy, but also want it to appear more like you are outside. If you have a room that is decorated in a nature-inspired style, artificial turf is the perfect alternative to regular carpeting. Yu can choose turf that is softer to the touch, so it is comfortable to stand and walk on, as well as being soft enough to lay down on and take a nap.

Have an Outdoor Play Area

Consider adding a play area outside for the kids with artificial turf instead of using grass. It is often more comfortable when running around on, and can even provide extra padding near a backyard playground in case one of your kids happens to fall down. You can either have it underneath a swingset or under a trampoline, where you don't have to be as worried if one of your kids jumps a little too far and lands on the ground.